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The Key Characteristics Of A Romanian Woman

Among the women of Eastern Europe, Romanian ladies stand out for several reasons that make them excellent girlfriends and wives. If you're dating a woman from this country, you will soon realize what a perfect fit she is for any man who's looking to start a family. As a rule, a Romanian lady is:

  • Educated and cultured;
  • Attractive and appealing;
  • Outgoing and friendly;
  • Personable and exciting;
  • Determined, with a sense of purpose;
  • Hard-working and independent;
  • Committed and family-oriented;
  • A passionate lover.

Last but not least, a girl from Romania knows how to enjoy life and have fun. You will never get bored in the company of your Romanian wife. The experience of dating a Romanian woman will change your life forever, as their passion for life is contagious.

Romanian Brides: Family Above Everything

You can't go wrong if you choose to start a family with a Romanian woman. Yours is going to be a highly committed relationship. Beyond any doubt, family values are the cornerstone of the Romanian culture. Romanian women are guardians of the family known for their hospitality and kindness. When looking for a life partner, they appreciate chivalrous deeds and seek a man who's going to take on the more dominant role in the household and be a good provider and father to their future kids.

Romanian girls consider the engagement to be the start of the new family. Once married to you, your Romanian wife will likely prefer to devote herself to staying at home and raising your kids. Most likely, you will be expected to take on the traditional role of a provider who brings home the bacon, while your spouse will keep the house in order and have a homemade meal ready by the time you get home from work. Romanian girls usually learn to take care of the house at an early age and often enjoy doing it. A spouse from Romania will surely make your house a home. Women from this country respect their husbands and expect the same kind of respect towards themselves.

Finding A Wife Through Mail-Order Bride Sites

By definition, a mail-order bride is a woman looking to be picked as a wife through a marriage agency. Coming from developing countries, these women are looking to marry a man from a more developed country. In our day and age, the mail order bride websites have made it easy to find your perfect match and marriage partner.

  1. Entrust yourself to a reputable international dating agency, such as
  2. Create an account with the chosen dating website and make the effort to write a solid profile, providing some catchy information. Try to create a good first impression on your dream wife.
  3. Learn about the Romanian dating culture and the expectations of Romanian ladies.
  4. Compose a list of the qualities which you want your future wife to possess.
  5. Look through the profiles of the Romanian singles that have the required qualities and start a conversation with anyone you like.
  6. After a while of talking, reduce by half the initial number of women to whom you're talking.
  7. Get to know them better and then reduce their number to just 2 girls.
  8. Arrange a trip to Romania and meet these two women.
  9. Decide which of the girls you want to love and wife her up.



Three Reasons To Choose A Romanian Bride

  • High moral values are a distinction of Romanian ladies. If you're tired of meeting women with too liberal views on sex who have had many past casual relationships and no-strings-attached flings, you should definitely try looking for a spouse in Romania. Most young Romanian women view a romantic relationship as a very intimate experience. Dating around is not their thing; they look for serious commitment.

  • Family is the top priority for Romanian girls. They are often ready to devote themselves in full to their husband and children. If you are looking to create a family with a woman willing to take on the traditional role, you should look for a spouse from this country. A Romanian wife will cherish you and take good care of the house and the kids.

  • Some may consider it shallow, but physical attractiveness matters as much as the compatibility of values and life goals. Romanian women are known for their beauty across Europe and beyond. A Romanian bride is typically of short and petite stature, with gorgeous dark hair and hazel eyes.

Dating A Romanian Woman: Tips On Winning Her Heart

  1. At an early stage of dating, you should mention you're looking for commitment and marriage. A Romanian woman needs to be confident that you have serious intentions, or else she might not put much effort into developing the relationship.

  1. Be generous with compliments. You are a foreign suitor; dating you may be viewed as “too good to be true”, so you need to shower the girl with attention and encouragement to reassure her of your intentions.

  1. Persistence is the key to success. The Romanian woman may feel like testing how serious your intentions are. If she seems to have gotten offended over something minor, it's better to apologize and be twice as persistent in courting her. In the dating context, a Romanian girl is typically looking for the gallant 1950s gentleman and will be happy to entrust her heart to you if you demonstrate patience and persistence.

  1. Send her small gifts on every occasion. Jewelry and other similar small presents are preferable. When you finally get to dating her in person, don't forget to get her flowers each time.

  1. You should bring up visiting her in Romania within the first 2-3 weeks of online dating. Otherwise, she may think you only need a virtual girlfriend. She wants to see that you have a solid plan to visit her in the near future.

  1. When you come to her country, bring gifts. Otherwise, you may be considered “cheap”, as it's customary in Romania to offer presents when visiting. Moreover, if you find the right present without asking her what she needs, she'll see you as a very attentive and thoughtful man and will grow fonder of you.

  1. During your visits, planning entertainment is on you, even though it's her country. During this stage of dating, you are supposed to take on the leader role and decide how to entertain your Romanian girlfriend.

  1. Pay for dates. Pick the check every time without hesitation. This will surely warm her heart, as you will stand out among other suitors who are often reluctant to pick up the tab.

  1. Once you feel an intimate connection and are sure this is the woman you want to get old with, ask her to marry you. Have no fear of rejection – she's going to say “Yes!” After all, that's why she's on the dating website looking for a serious relationship.

The Rule Of Three Dates: Wooing A Romanian Woman

The three date rule helps a potential couple to get to know each other and create the foundation for a future relationship. Since the culture of Romania is more conservative in comparison with the US and many other European countries, it's recommended that you follow this rule and avoid rushing things with your Romanian bride. This dating pattern consists of three steps, each of which boosts the mutual attraction between the partners

  1. The first date is all about getting to know each other. It's time to engage in lighthearted conversions and see if there is chemistry between the two of you. Take your time and enjoy the company of the Romanian girl.

  1. Love at first sight is a thing. You only need 3-7 seconds to fall in love with someone. But confessing attraction is hard and makes the person feel vulnerable. That's why such confessions rarely happen on the first date. If the initial rendezvous went well, the second meetup is the time to discuss more intimate and in-depth topics. Inquire about your Romanian girl's interests, hobbies, habits, and life goals. See if your values and priorities align, as these make a solid foundation for a happy marriage.

  1. If you failed to get on your Romanian mail-order bride's good side during the second date, there will be no third date. But if the two of you felt a connection, if there was a spark between you, the third date will be decisive as to whether your acquaintance is going to become a relationship.

The 3 date rule helps potential partners to quickly evaluate each other's relationship potential. But it's merely a recommendation that should not limit your desires and actions. Be attentive to your Romanian girl and don't rush things if you see that your bride is not quite comfortable with it.


Romanian dating sites are the way to go if you want to find the mail-order bride of your dreams. carefully selects the best profiles of women that meet the expectations of foreign suitors. The average Romanian bride is naturally beautiful and takes care of her appearance to look attractive to men. She's smart, intelligent and educated; a devoted homemaker with great family values. She's patient and humble, respectful towards her partner and easily adaptable to life in a foreign country. Your dream wife from Romania can’t wait to meet you!

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