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Exotic, ancient civilizations, martial arts, erotic massage and dancing… Yes, all of this is Asia. It is a many-sided and alluring part of the world, including China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Japan. More than 60% of all mankind lives in Asia (the population is 4.463 billion of people), which means that charming and sexy girls can be found there quite often. A great number of works were written about Asia, Asian nations and countries, history and culture, both by Asians themselves and by foreigners, many films were shot that truly depicted Asia and not very much, and many legends were told, some of which are not to be believed.

Where does such inexhaustible interest in Asia, and especially in Asian girls come from? Let's try to figure it out. Fascinating and stately Asian brides alarmed the hearts and minds of many Europeans who visited Asia throughout the history of relations between Europe and Asia. Asian women have always occupied a special place in society. They are quite submissive, but managed to conquer the man in the sphere of feelings and exciting erotica, because Asian brides always knew their worth. Many European girls have something to learn from the exciting Japanese women, liberated Chinese women, hot Thai brides and mysterious Korean women. Asia is many-sided, and therefore, talking about Asians, it is impossible not to note the differences between Asian girls in some of the countries.

What You Need to Know About Mail-Order Brides

Mail-order brides are girls that are looking for true love. They want to build a happy family with the right man. The only difference between them and the other women who are also looking for long-term relationships is that they want to marry a foreigner. This happens for a lot of reasons, but the main ones are:


  • Men from their country of residence don’t treat them with enough respect;
  • Terrible economic situation in the country, so they want to move on to a better place;
  • There are more men than women living in the country, so there are simply not enough guys to choose from.


You might think that the biggest reason is that they are simply looking for money. However, I will have to surprise you, because that’s not the case. Yes, there are obviously some girls like that, but only a few of them. For example, most of the Asian brides are well-educated and usually have enough money to live by themselves, so they don’t need it from you. Same goes for other brides, even the poor ones. Money is obviously important to everyone, because it speaks to how successful you are, but they are looking for the right man in the first place. If you are rich, but they don’t like you as a man, then you don’t stand a chance.


You probably have heard that you can buy a bride on the internet. I’ll have to disappoint you, but that’s not how it goes, because there is no such thing as slavery in today’s world. However, you can buy the services from some of the dating agencies, that will let you communicate with the bride.


What are Asian Women Like in General?

The appearance of the eastern girls is very different from European, they have slanting eyes, expressive cheekbones, long shiny hair and small breasts. By the way, for hundreds of years, the barely noticeable bosom of Japanese women was considered a symbol of femininity, for this they have been specially tied up since childhood. They are miniature, and they have a gentle thin voice.

An exotic girlfriend does not allow herself to discuss or humiliate her man. Even if she is very dissatisfied, she will not start a scandal, will not cut or sulk for a week. She also won’t interfere in the relationship with your friends and family. Most of the Asian girls are well brought up, it would take something special to hear her swear. They are not particularly demanding, and they are great at housekeeping. They also never complain about a thing, which speaks to their strong character.


The influence of the Western countries is very noticeable with Asian brides: they are trying to copy the image and behavior of girls of Western society, same goes for plastic surgeries, because they want to increase the size of the eyes and change the shape of the nose, as well as the use of various contact lenses that increase and change the color of the iris of the eye. Whitening is also very popular among Chinese, Japanese and Korean women. They also spend a lot of time on self-care, and really love cosmetics.

If we talk about tanning, or rather its absence, such a phenomenon can be explained precisely as a fashionable trend that has embraced Asian society.


For example, when you are in China, the first thing that catches your eye is the strange clothes of some girls. Representatives of the fair sex are primarily concerned with the beauty and opinion of other people about their appearance, and not their own comfort. To keep porcelain skin, Chinese beauties wear long sleeves or long gloves even in 40-degree heat, some of them try to hide their necks under all sorts of scarves or wear wide-brimmed hats that cover their shoulders from the sun. Sometimes girls put on a special face protection device, resembling a large visor, which looks very specific. The legs also do not remain uncovered - often Chinese women dress up in multi-colored tights in a large mesh, which, they hope, will protect them from ultraviolet radiation.


The representatives of Korea and Japan aren’t as crazy about that, and you can see the girl wearing long gloves very rarely. However, in Chinese society, an integral element of the image of a woman of fashion is an umbrella (a cheap version of which looks just like an umbrella from rain, and more expensive goes back to the historically known painted bamboo umbrella). The popularity of an umbrella as an accessory in China is equal in prevalence to a woman's purse. Chinese girls wear it all the time- on a walk in sunny/cloudy weather, even when riding a bicycle. They somehow manage to hold the steering wheel with one hand.

Another most common and simple way to achieve white skin is the use of various cosmetics. Cosmetics store counters in Korea, Japan and China are bursting with a variety of whitening creams and masks, providing girls with a wide selection of different “natural whites”. Every woman of fashion uses this makeup, and the more, the better - the girls are sure that with the help of cosmetics their skin will become lighter, younger and more toned.

Aged Japanese women carefully watch the whiteness of their skin, fearing that excessive pigmentation will turn them into spotted dalmatian.

Another very significant reason why Japanese women hide from the scorching sun is their fear of the possibility of developing skin cancer, since it is well-known that excessive exposure to sunlight leads to an increased chance of developing cancer.


Some Chinese women have found a very radical way to keep their skin white: they use nylon face masks on the beach. Thus, Chinese women in age are trying to get rid of wrinkles, pigmentation, which, in their opinion, are formed as a result of sunbathing. That being said, there is no doubt why Asian brides look so good even when they age.


Some of the Finest Asian Countries to Look for a Bride


Thai women are often associated with sex tourism in Thailand, but it’s a misconception that all women in Thailand are prostitutes. They are very attractive and know how to dress well.  It is also worth telling about their life in more detail, because the attitude of a Thai woman to a man is very interesting. In a Thai family, the man is the head of the family and the main authority. Therefore, a woman seeks to care for her husband, to please him and to give attention in every way to possible. It should be noted that this is not a humiliation for a woman, it is the norm in relationships that so admires foreign men.


Thai brides please the man at the table, in communication, and of course, in bed. And it should be said that Thai women are not puritans at all, they are ready to relax and fully show their sexuality. On the Internet, you can meet many Thai girls online, they are very curious and therefore like to meet foreigners online. They are also great interlocutors, because they know a lot of interesting stories and funny jokes. However, you should be careful with the topics, especially with the politics, because of the strict laws.


Unlike some of the Asian countries, Thailand is a great place to live in. It has a lot of entertaining places for the tourists, so you won’t get bored. This country is great for both long-term relationships or pure sex.



Japan is a fantastic country with a lot of beautiful brides. Japanese sex culture has hundreds of years, even then they were already engaged in what modern people just "invented". They began training intimate female muscles with balls many centuries ago in Japan. The concepts of “sinful” or “shameful” in this country simply does not exist.  It was believed that a man should have at least three women for each type of activity. The wife gives birth to children. A prostitute is needed for sex, and for aesthetics and pleasant conversations - a geisha.


There are sites with schoolgirl prostitutes, (the age of the sex agreement is from the age of 13), and lots of clubs for fans of any deviations. In No-pan establishments, waitresses walk in mini-skirts without underwear, and for good tips they can lift a dropped spoon. There is also something like a plot brothel, where you can pay for sex in a real medical office with a nurse.


Sex with no obligations with a beloved partner is very common for Japanese brides. It is like a hobby. Nevertheless, Japanese women do not like public manifestations of tenderness, and are embarrassed to have sex in nature or in a car, because they are afraid that someone will see them.



Confucianism greatly influenced the culture of women in China. Confucius considered women a lower being, and in old China they did not even deserve to have a name. A woman was supposed to obey the family and her husband, she only needed loyalty, thrift and lack of jealousy. In general, the Chinese have long since perceived sex as a source of energy, which is necessary for healing and prolonging life. In sexual intercourse, the man gives up energy, and the woman receives it, but if you separate orgasm and ejaculation, the man can “recharge” from sex, and not waste it. Also, the Chinese guys thought it was bad to sleep with the same woman all the time, so it was recommended to sleep with a lot of other women.


During the “cultural revolution” the communists attempted to destroy the Confucian traditions, but the ruling elite did not deny itself erotic entertainment. By his old age, Comrade Mao was literally lined with young girls who were supposed to increase his vital energy. In our time, new technologies and the development of economic ties have led to a certain emancipation. Now Chinese women can also sit on the Internet, have fun, use cosmetics and dress as they please. It's funny that, having got rid of the pressure of the Communist Party and having lost the old traditions, the typical representatives of the new generation are focused on themselves. They are mainly interested in expensive gadgets, clothes, cosmetics, beautiful avatars and entertainments, but they also aren’t against making long-term relationships.


One of the reasons why Chinese brides like foreigners is the attitude. It is unusual for Chinese women, that there are men who do not consider them to be second class. In other countries, a woman can hold a high position, but in China it is unrealistic, she is supposed to lead a house and have children, so Chinese women love when a man behaves like a real gentleman.


Philippines is a great country for foreigners. More than 90% of the women here are fluent in English, and they are also very interested in foreigners, because their own men don’t treat them with respect.


Filipina brides are very charming and have a wonderful smile. Their femininity and natural beauty are just incredible. They do everything to please a man and are very good at it.


Philippines is just the right country if you are looking to build a family. There is a very high birth rate and barely any divorces. This is because of how kind-hearted Filipina women are and because they are ready to give anything to build a happy family.



Indian women are great at seducing foreigners, dancing, talking, cooking and a lot of other stuff.

Indian brides look very differently, depending on where exactly they were born. However, you can see determine if she’s poor or rich in a blink of an eye. Girls of a rich class have a whiter skin, while the poor ones have a darker skin.


There are a lot of Indian brides, because girls there are forced to get married by agreement. Some of them really dislike that and want to have freedom of a choice, so they start looking for foreigners and try to leave the country.



There are a lot of great brides in Indonesia, and the main reason why is the population number. There are 264 million people living there, so you can find yourself a girl of any kind. And not just one. This is truly great, because you have higher chances of getting the girl you like and it makes the life a lot more easier.


Indonesian girls are very friendly and loyal. Their English is good enough to communicate with the foreigners. They also look great at any age. For example, a 45-year-old woman can easily look like a 23-year-old beauty that just finished university. You probably won’t believe your eyes until you see the actual passport.


This is not the country for you if you are looking just for sex. Most of the women here are very religious and stay virgins until they get married.

Where to Look for an Asian Bride?

There are a lot of places to look for Asian women, such as bars, clubs, cafes, practically anywhere. However, it is better to study the rules of each country separately and see what other people have to say about dating there. For example, if you want to get acquainted with a girl from Japan, then you need to look for a girlfriend about her age. If you decide to meet up with a girl on the street and she dislikes you, then she might call the police. In Japan, there are local non-formals - gyaru, they dress and paint more brightly, but gyaru girls easily make contact and are not as shy as others.


A lot of Asian brides are very fond of shopping, and spend almost all their money on cosmetics and branded clothing. They also love to go to karaoke, cinema, amusement parks, and take pictures. You also don’t have to take them home yourself, and even on dates they are supposed to pay for themselves, so they are thrilled if the man accompanies or pays. To give a coat, to say a compliment, to open the door for her is a sure way to melt the heart of an Asian girl, they are not accustomed to this. You can also give them sweets and soft toys, then the excitement is almost guaranteed. It is much easier to seduce a girl if you know at least a few words in her language, so you might need to spend some time practicing.


Almost all beautiful girls hang out exclusively in clubs, so you have to either spend money on club beauties, or find an undemanding, but not very attractive girlfriend.

Are Asian Mail-Order Brides Legit?

They are legit, just like any other brides. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the sites selling Asian brides are a legit. There are plenty of scammers, so carefully study the site and see what other people have to say about it before registering and paying money.


What People Say About Mail-Order Bride?

  1. A fantastic service that is great for communicating with a beauty. I’m truly grateful to the creators of such services, because it helps you find your love even if you are in a different country;

  2. It’s very cool to be able to talk to so many attractive women, and feel that they are interested in you. But the greatest things of all is the ability to find your soul mate.



Beauty and the perfect body of Asian bride, their shyness, submissiveness to a man, exotic appearance and mysterious look of narrow eyes often work much better than tight blouses and silicone lips. This is why foreigners are so interested in them.

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