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If you are looking for a loving woman, then you won’t find a better one than a Mexican bride. Their life goal is to create a happy loving family, and trust me, they will do anything to accomplish their goal.

Mexican brides are very different, but most of them are pretty small. They have a fantastic tan and beautiful dark hair. The greatest thing about them is that no matter how small or tall they are, they always look extremely sexy. They can seduce any man with just one look. There are many odes about their natural beauty, but their self-care is no less impressive. Mexican women really look after their skin and body. They apply a lot of makeup, but it fits right in with their natural beauty. Another thing that is worth mentioning is their ability to dress gorgeously. When they are going on a date or when it’s party time, you will often see Mexican women in high heels in a sexy dress.

Despite the hot temperament of Mexican brides, they are very polite and know when it’s better to stay quiet. This is very important, because they can control their emotions, especially if it will be better for the family. Besides, they are great housewives. They know how to keep the house clean and tidy. What is even more great is they know how to cook, and not just spicy Mexican food. They can cook pretty much anything you want. All in all, Mexican girls really know how to satisfy a man.

What You Need to Know About Mexico

Mexico is a faraway country, attracting tourists and travelers with its exotic and ancient history. You can rest on the beach here any time you want and combine it with active sports: surfing and diving, fishing, boat trips, excursions to city sights - with a visit to numerous ancient buildings of lost civilizations.


Local hotels offer a high-quality service that meets generally accepted international standards. Mexican resorts, located on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, annually attract millions of tourists around the world. For example, there is a great town- Acapulco, also known as the pearl of the Pacific Ocean and the night capital of the country. Many kilometers of white beaches of Acapulco will not leave anyone indifferent, and numerous restaurants, night clubs and casinos will not let you get bored even at night.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of rest in Mexico is a long flight, but that can be barely called a disadvantage, if you are serious about travelling. Everything else is perfect.  Anyone who has ever visited this mysterious country at least once will certainly want to return here.

The capital of the country Mexico City. In addition, Mexico is the largest Hispanic country in the world. It has six very attractive regions:

  • Northern Mexico: its distinctive features are deserts, nature reserves and massive mountain ranges, as well as harsh weather conditions. In addition, some cities in this region are significant industrial and business centers;

  • Central Mexico: The heart of Mexico with picturesque cities and towns - some of them are on the UNESCO World Heritage List;

  • Southern Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico: numerous swamps, mangroves and forests located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean make this region an ideal place for ecotourism;

  • Yucatan Peninsula: the gateway to the world of the Maya tribe, surrounded by white sandy beaches and blue waters of the Caribbean. You can scuba dive and swim along the second largest coral reef in the world or swim in the "cenotes" - freshwater lakes in underground caves;

  • Pacific Coast: This region is famous not only for its cities and towns with rich cultural and culinary traditions, but also for its wonderful beaches where you can go fishing and surfing;

  • California Peninsula: World-class golf courses are currently located in this region, which has been inhabited since time immemorial. You can discover the underwater beds of the Sea of ​​Cortez or witness the amazing migration of gray whales.


Why Mexican Brides Want to Marry You

You might be sitting there and feeling like you know the answer. No, it’s not about becoming rich and getting a green card. Even though Mexico has its issues, it doesn’t mean that every woman wants to run away to a better place. Besides, try to think of a country that doesn’t have any problems.

There is no doubt that money and a better standard of living play a big role for any person, but it’s not the most important thing for Mexican brides. Just remember that. Let’s take a look at some other facts why Mexican women are so into foreigners:

Love and successful relationships

The number one reason is love. It might sound trite and somewhat old-fashioned, but it’s true. Mexican brides, just like any women, wanted to be loved and treated with respect. Don’t let their temperament fool you. They are very tender and sweet when dating a guy.

Mexican women have been in a tough spot recently. It’s like they are stuck in the labyrinth and can’t get out. As you may know, feminism is getting more and more popular, especially in American and Europe. It is slowly getting to the Mexico as well. That’s just a part of the problem. The second and a much bigger problem are Mexican men, who act like machos, but they actually aren’t. All they want from Mexican brides is submission, and they don’t care about their opinion or what they want. Men weren’t that aggressive to women even back in the day, so it’s a big problem.

Mexico has a pretty sad history when it comes down to crimes and drugs. They are by far the worst in Latin America in this case. Back in the day, if a man raised a hand on his wife at least once it could really cost him. He would be disgraced to the whole city and in some of the cases would even go to jail.

However, that isn’t the case anymore. The biggest reason for that is the famous Drug War, due to which thousands of people have died and this caused a lot of changed.

Nowadays social scorn isn’t a thing. Pretty much the same with the police and courts. What’s even more scary is the corruption, because there are a lot of cops that are working on drug dealers. Therefore, a lot of people are scared for their lives and it’s very unsafe to live in some of the regions.

Some of the Mexican men want to behave just like drug lords, and that is to have power, beat up their women, and force them to do things that they don’t want to.

Another ugly thing, that might be even more terrifying is slavery. It’s pretty common in some of the Mexican cities. For example, you can buy a Mexican virgin for about ten thousand dollars in some parts of Southern Mexico. However, you have to clearly understand the difference between slavery and mail-order-brides, because slavery is totally illegal and O am 100% against it.

If you do decide to buy yourself a Mexican wife that used to be a slave, then it's on your conscience. You have to understand that it’s a huge risk, because if you leave Mexico and go to another place, then you can be easily arrested for kidnapping and go to jail, and nobody will listen to a word that you say.

It’s pretty obvious now why Mexican women clearly prefer foreigners. And I haven’t even listed all of the reasons yet.

You might be thinking that it can’t get any worse, but it actually can. Some of the Mexican men are also known for their cheating. This is also aftermath of the already mentioned Drug War.

It’s actually pretty ironic, because Mexican brides want their men to be courageous and strong, but definitely not that way. They don’t want to be treated like cheap whores who will humbly obey. They want their man to show some respect and love, because being masculine and rude are two different things.

That’s why Mexican brides are crazy about foreigners. They can give them everything that they’ve been dreaming of and more. Why would they marry a loser that doesn’t care about making a loving family, even if the loser is local.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of decent Mexican men who would give anything to build a loving family and raise children. However, too many of such men have died during the Drug War, while others have left the country is the search of a better life. That being said, foreigners are clearly the best choice. Mexican women are also curious about Western culture. They watch a lot of TV shows, movies, interviews, and are very delighted with foreign men. They want to be treated just like you treat women in your country of residence.

Family is Everything

There is a big difference between Mexico and Western countries. One such difference is the age when Mexican women want to get married.

You won’t believe it, but at least one fifth of a population of Mexican brides get married at 18 or even at a younger age. This might sound weird for you, but not for them, because they want to build a happy family and do it as early as they can.

You might be thinking that the culture is changing and Mexican women won’t be that family-oriented in the future, but right now they are. And you should be enjoying this moment to find yourself a fascinating Mexican beauty.

It is totally normal for a Mexican bride to be told that she’s getting old and is running out of time if she turned 20 and still didn’t get married. Obviously it is exaggerated, but there is still at least a bit of truth in that statement.

Like I have already said, this is totally different with Western women, who tend to get married at the late 30s. That’s a pretty huge difference, but they don’t want to get married until they finish studying and build a successful career. However, that’s pretty risky and waiting so long isn’t worth it. At least in my opinion.

All of this means that no Mexican lady wants to cry because of loneliness when she turns 30. And if she turns 40 and still has no husband, then that’s a huge disappointment till the rest of her life.

All in all, Mexican brides really want to get married no matter what it takes. Even though it might sound like they are hurrying by marrying that early, but that clearly gives them an advantage going further into adult life. Besides, they don’t just choose the first random guy, but they choose very wisely, and foreigners are the clear favorites in their mind.

Mexican Brides. What are They Like?

The majority of the population of Mexico are mestizos, in the second place are the direct descendants of Indian tribes, and only 9% are representatives of the Caucasians. Burning, temperamental Mexican brides conquered the world with their beauty, independent character, as well as dedication. Let’s talk about the prettiest Mexican women the world has ever seen:

  • Martha Higareda. She is a popular Mexican actress, writer and television producer. You can see her in the most popular Mexican films and TV shows. Her mother is also an actress, and this is how this Mexican beauty has developed an interest in acting.

She began performing on stage at an early age. Martha is also known as Mexican Sandra Bullock. She even owns a television and film production company;



  • Adriana Fonseca. Adrian's acting career began with a popular television show, and at the age of 16 she entered a drama school, dreaming of becoming an actress. While studying, she spent time to appear in TV series. In 1997, she became the winner of the prestigious beauty contest "El Rostro del Heraldo". In 2000 she played in the soap opera called Friends Forever, that consisted of 115 episodes. She became known outside the country after the release of the “Braveheart” television series;



  • Salma Hayek. Sexy Salma Hayek became the first Mexican, which was nominated for an Oscar for the best "Best Female Role." It was a role in a film about the Mexican artist “Frida”, released on screens in 2003. At the age of 23 years, the Mexican beauty became a national star, having appeared in the telenovela “Teresa”. World fame came to Salma after participating in the film "Desperate", as well as after an episode in the cult film of Quentin Tarantino "From Dusk Till Dawn" The actress, producer and screenwriter is constantly included in the lists of the most beautiful women in the world. In addition to acting talent, she is a great singer, and has recorded songs for the films "Frida" and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." She is one of the most beautiful brunettes in the world;



  • Maite Perroni. The childhood of the future actкуіі was held in the city of Guadalajara, and when she was 12 years old, the family moved to Mexico City. In 2004, she made her debut in the series, and immediately with the leading role. The series had a great success, and the young actress became popular and recognizable. In addition to filming on television, she is also into commercials, and records her own musical compositions;


  • Marlene Favela. Maplena was born in the small town of Santiago-Papasquiaro, and dreamed of being famous from childhood. After school, she moved to the capital city, where she studied law. She had a really good luck in Mexico, as she met a famous producer and worked as a model for 5 years;



  • Veronica Castro. At the age of 16 she appeared in a naked photo shoot for the Caballero magazine. After that, she started acting in television series, and world-wide fame came to her after the “The rich also cry”  film. The success was enshrined in the "Wild Rose" movie. In addition to filming in the series, she also leads popular shows on television, and has many concerts;


This is just a small part of the beautiful  Mexican women. They are truly fantastic .

Mexican Brides Aren’t Ashamed of Flirting

This is another great feature of Mexican brides. They aren’t afraid of flirting and aren’t ashamed of it. They can always make the first step if they like the guy, which is most often not the case with European and American women.

You will notice if she’s flirting you with if she looks you in the eyes and starts smiling. She will then come close to you and possibly even invite you for a dance.

They are also very romantic, but at the same time love sex. Mexican girls are incredible.

What do Mexican Brides Want From a Man?

  • Be stylish. This might not be the most important thing to attract her, but it still plays a key role. You have to be able to attract a girl, and that way she will also see that you have a taste. All of this makes perfect sense. They put a lot of time on looking after themselves, so they expect the same from you. Sounds fair enough;

  • Learn Spanish. Learning foreign language is pretty much a must for any country you decide to visit it. Especially if you are planning to stay there and get yourself a beauty. Learning Spanish will give you a great advantage and will increase your chances for sure. Not just in the relationships with your soul mate, but also in everyday life;

  • Sign up for dance lessons. Yes, you’ve heard me right. If being a good dancer doesn’t mean that much in USA and Europe, then it’s totally opposite with Mexican brides. It’s basically a part of their culture, so it’ll be a disrespect for them if you don’t know any dancing moves. They’ll just look for another guy who is more handsome and self-confident;

  • Pay for her. In some of the countries it’s totally normal to pay for their women, while in others it’s really awkward. Mexican women are closer to the first type, so you have to be ready to pay for meals and drinks. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Mexican brides never ask for too much and don’t use men as a way of getting cash. They remember every gift you make them till the rest of their lives;

  • Be masculine. You won’t have a chance otherwise. Mexican brides are only into masculine men that prove their love with actions. They hate nerds that complain about everything and can’t do a thing by themselves. Mexican brides love men who are well-mannered, know how to dress well, and are always looking to self-develop. If you feel like they are asking for too much, then I’m sorry, but you are not a fit for any of them. Mexican brides fully justify their desires with their own beauty and character traits. Also, be sure that you don’t force her into sex. You will get what you need, but you just have to wait until she trusts you enough.

Best Places to Look For Mexican Women

  • Check out some of the dating sites. For example, Amolatina and MexicanCupid are extremely popular Mexican dating sites. Mexico has a population of almost 130 million people, so you can be sure that you’ll find someone. However, it’s better to focus on a certain state or city. That will make your searches go a lot faster;

  • Look for your love on marriage agencies. This might be one of the better choices, because marriage agencies present you with the best Mexican girls in the country. They have a very strict selection, so the girls that aren’t pretty and not educated well enough simply cannot create a profile on the website. Such agencies also have professional translators that will also help you find a common language with your beloved in case her English isn’t fluent. You will obviously have to pay for all of this, and it might take a lot of cash, depending on the amount of times you decide to fly to Mexico and if you are planning to make her any gifts. However, I can assure you that it’s totally worth it. Mexican brides are clearly the best women in the world;

  • Fly to Mexico. This is kind of obvious, because if you actually want to find your love, then you will have to fly to her country of residence. Besides, talking live is usually a lot better than chatting on the internet. You get to see how beautiful the girl really is and you won’t have to worry that you are chatting with some scammer that is trying to steal your money.  Let me name some of the best towns and beaches to look for a Mexican beauty.


  • Matamoros;

  • Ensenada;

  • Brownsville.



  • Zihuatanejo;

  • Mazatlan;

  • Cancun.

There are plenty of other places to look for gorgeous Mexican brides, and you will be surprised by the amount of beautiful and sexy ones. However, you should be careful not to visit unknown places, because safety is crucial. I will talk about it in a bit.

A Few Final Things to Remember When Communicating With a Mexican Bride

  • Mexican brides are very intelligent, so don’t treat them like a thing under any circumstances. Besides, I have great news for you, because if you are planning to visit Mexico, find yourself a sexy Mexican bride, and then leave back home to your country, then she will gladly learn your language. For example, if all she knows are just a few phrases in English, she will take her time to learn it and make you happy;

  • Study her culture. While she is ready to do so much for you, you can’t just sit there and take it for granted. No way. Pay some respect to your lovely girl and learn more about her culture. This will not only let you impress her, but also let you find out a lot of interesting things about Mexico. And trust me, Mexico does have a lot of fascinating things;

  • Get to know about her traditions. This is also pretty important. Most of the Mexicans are more religious than Europeans and Americans, so it might be a bit unusual to you. However, you will surely get used it. And you can start adapting by asking her a few questions, like what exactly she believes or how she celebrates holidays with her family. This will make you even closer.


How to Stay Safe in Mexico?

Although the crime rate in Mexico cannot be compared with some of its neighbors in the region (such as Honduras, Venezuela or Colombia), nevertheless you can’t call this country very calm and safe. Robberies is one of the main things that you should worry about. If in most countries of Asia and Europe, criminals try to get other people's money and valuables without using violence, trying to cut a handbag, quietly drag them out of their pockets, cheat when selling, etc., then in Mexico there is a more common way of withdrawing money. They just come up to you with a knife or a gun and there is no guarantee that you will stay alive even if you give them everything you got. In general, this is typical for most countries in Latin America.

Precautionary Measures

Do not walk at night, keep money in a securely hidden place, do not enter into conversations with suspicious-looking people on the street. Mentioning these commonplace security measures is a must, especially when we are talking about Mexico:

  • The biggest crime rate in Mexico is in its northern states adjacent to the United States. You can easily reduce the likelihood of communicating with gangsters, if you simply do not go there;

  • Most of the robbers here are no different from ordinary people, Their appearance might be something like: shaved head, tracksuit, golden chain, huge sneakers, tattoos. A lot of Mexican men look that way, so you have to watch out for danger even when you can’t smell it;

  • A small city backpack with valuable things can be cut from behind, so you won’t even notice anything, especially in bus stations, bazaars or in the metro. Therefore, if you are standing in the crown, just take off your backpack and keep it close;

  • Gangsters can come up and have an “educational conversation” with you in order to find out the PIN code and immediately withdraw all the money from the account. So, it’s also worth hiding the card away or having two cards, one of which will not have a large amount of money;

  • You should not wear expensive jewelry made of precious metals, earrings, etc.;

  • If you are spending the night in a safe place, you should leave your passport and part of the money there, and go for a walk around the city with a photocopy of your passport and small amount of cash;

  • If you are filming something on the street with an expensive camera, then you can attract the attention of robbers. A person with a big camera is often associated with a white guy that is stuffed with money. When walking around the cities, it is worth keeping the camera in a backpack or in a plastic bag, and pull it out just before photographing a particular object. This does not apply to resort beach areas in the area of ​​Cancun, the pyramids, etc;

  • When hitchhiking in Mexico, you may encounter some junkies. You should be ready for this and think in advance what you will do if you get into such situation;

  • A certain number of taxi drivers in Mexico are implicated in robbery. When foreigners gets into their car, they take them to a secluded place where then eventually rob them. This is especially popular at night. Many people living in Mexico prefer to call a taxi firm by telephone, which costs more, but guarantees security.


If you are looking for an ideal wife, then fly to Mexico. It’s that simple.

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